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DPZ Leadership offers a unique coaching service with Appreciative Inquiry. This approach focuses on walking alongside individuals and organizations through Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny from a place of abundance and possibilities. Fully integrated with policy deployment, strategic lean, and six sigma continuous improvement activities.

To learn more about DPZ Leadership's Appreciative Inquiry, download this walkthrough.


Products and services include individual coaching for key individuals (executives, managers, supervisors, key contributors), group facilitation, coaching certification program, AI/Facilitator certification, organizational coaching, and strategic planning/visioning process. To learn more about DPZ Executive Coaching, download this walkthrough.


As our clients and their congregations climb the ladder of life in pursuit of a God-focused life, the Christian Coach is there to: 

  • steady the ladder in times of uncertainty or fear by being a God-centered partner; 
  • provide a firm grip; 
  • encourage the next scary step into the unknown through words of encouragement; 
  • facilitate the pace of progress up the ladder through focusing on the goals and milestones; 
  • and assure the promise of reaching the top of the ladder through prayerful teaching. 

The Passion in Partnership Certification Program has been developed to prepare Pastoral and Lay Leader Coaches to serve God in a manner which leads both coach and client into a process of discovery and co-creation. We are led by the Holy Spirit and seek wisdom and discernment each step of the way.

To learn more about DPZ Pastoral Coaching, download this Coaching Summary.


Our congregation clients request our Appreciative Inquiry coaching services when they are seeking the following outcomes:

  • Smooth transition of pastoral leadership
  • Gain competencies in visioning and strategic planning
  • Learn healthy ways to communicate and manage change
  • Organize their culture of meetings to reflect abundance and possibilities

To learn more about DPZ Congregational Coaching, download this Visioneering Sample Exercise.